Our Story

In 1991, the owner of Western States Clinical Research (WSCR), Inc., Cheri Casey made the decision to begin her own clinical research company. Stemming from her deep-rooted passion to continually seek better medicine. In 30 years, Western States Clinical Research, Inc. has conducted over 155 clinical trials. This has contributed in a significant way to the advancement of current medications and the implementation of new ones.

Some medications WSCR, Inc. has participated in researching, that according to the owner are worthy of mentioning according to Cheri are: Tudorza, Spiriva, Nicotine Patches and Humira. These drugs were researched in their early stages with the help of WSCR, Inc. and other sites across the country and around the world.

Clinical research is an integral step in the development of new medications. Giving researchers the ability to study the safety and efficacy of new medications before they are sold to the general-public. WSCR, Inc’s primary focus is compassion and care for its study volunteers. Without volunteers, the development of new medications would not be possible. WSCR, Inc. conducts clinical research studies to ensure people who need treatment options (now or in the

future) have them. WSCR coordinators and investigators, work closely as a team; prioritizing the best patient care possible and ensuring high-quality research data for the drug in development.

WSCR, Inc. conducts clinical trials in a wide variety of therapeutic fields. Including, but not limited to: Dermatology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Allergies & Immunology, Ophthalmology, Respiratory Conditions, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology and Women’s Health. The study coordinators at WSCR, Inc. have a combined 55 years of clinical research experience and through continued education remain up to date in clinical research best practices and at the cusp of innovation in the research and development field. The principal investigator’s who work with WSCR, Inc are board-certified and experienced in their field of study.

Located in Wheat Ridge just outside of Denver, Colorado, WSCR, Inc. is conveniently located, and in close proximity to its principal investigators. WSCR, Inc loves the people and community surrounding it and encourages anyone interested in learning more about research or volunteering for a research study to call (303) 940-9773.

“Seeking Better Medicine Since 1991"

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building

Our Mission

To Protect human subjects by committing to the ethical conduct of medical research and adhering to regulatory expectations. Western States Clinical Research, Inc. works diligently to provide high quality research and usable data for use in the development of better medicine for all.


Is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado- just 20 minutes north west of Downtown Denver. Our clinic is close to two major hospitals and the physicians we work with are within a 7-mile radius.

With over 2,200 sq. ft. of space we have 2 exam rooms for patient visits, a private room for monitoring visits, a locked drug storage, a central laboratory, a kitchen, and research coordinator work spaces.

On site equipment includes centrifuges for processing lab samples, an ECG machine, pulmonary function testing machines, temperature monitoring of our locked drug storage and locked refrigerated & frozen storage. Additional emergency supplies on-site include first aid supplies, an AED, epi-pens, and oxygen.

Our site is 40 minutes from the Denver International Airport, 20 minutes from downtown Denver and 25 minutes from Boulder.

Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, two other major locations of interest, are located along Interstate 25 about one hour north & south of Denver, respectively.

Nearby accommodations include the Denver Marriott West and the Sheraton Denver West, as well as numerous hotels located in the downtown Denver area.

Our clinic is close to numerous restaurants, grocery stores, and other shopping centers.